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Hockey Prop Betting

Prop bets is short for proposition bets.  These allow you to wager on much smaller events within a hockey game or on certain actions by players in a game.  Not every hockey sportsbook offers a wide array of hockey prop bets and the offerings by each site are not the same.  So if you like the idea of hockey prop betting, read about what each site has to offer.  Note that prop odds are generally available a few hours before each game and become published after regular game odds.

Bodog hockey prop betting guide

Bodog offers a mix of game props and player specific betting options. Note that clicking through to Bodog will take you right to the Team Prop page, but that prop bets are ususally posted closer to gametime:

Available player prop bets: Bodog will pick a player, and set an over/under value for that player to acheive as a stat in a single game, such as X player to get 3.5 shots in the game. It could also be for saves in the game.  Bodog also sets up popular head-to-head battles where you can wager over who will score more points or goals in a given game, player A or player B.  You can also bet on which player will score first in the given game.

Available team prop bets:Alternative Moneyline, Time of First Goal in the Game, Team to Score First in the Game, Period Lines, Period Totals (over/under), Period Moneylines, First to Three Goals, Total Team Goals, Will the Game go to Overtime, Margin of Victory.

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